Our roots trace back to 2007, when we were established as Fratelli Cosulich Ireland by an elite team of Italian freight forwarders with an intricate understanding of the Italian and Irish markets.


In 2009, we marked a significant milestone with the entrance of Arcese, Italy's foremost privately-owned transport company. This collaboration forged a resilient growth path for us, even amidst global economic adversities. The resulting Arcese Cosulich joint venture solidified our position as one of Ireland's leading transport service providers, specialising in services to and from Italy.



Our relationship with Arcese and Fratelli Cosulich, global players in the shipping industry, places considerable resources at our disposal. This alliance allows us to organise any transportation worldwide, underlining our capability to cater to complex logistics requirements on a global scale.




As members of the Italian Irish Chamber of Commerce, we underscore the importance of strong trade links with Italy. Our affiliation reinforces our commitment to fostering cross-border cooperation and our ability to facilitate seamless trade operations between Italy and Ireland.


In 2010 we demonstrated our versatility and adaptability by introducing multimodal services from Italy. This new service offering catered to non-urgent or low-value groupage shipments, presenting a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternative to the standard driver-accompanied truck and trailer service.


In 2016, we strategically expanded into Northern Ireland by acquiring 50% of the Belfast-based company Roadliner Ltd. This acquisition was integral to our plans to expand our regional services.


Our growth strategy culminated in 2022 with the acquisition of the remaining 50% of Roadliner Ltd. This move was particularly salient in the context of Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol. With full ownership of Roadliner, we are uniquely positioned to leverage the advantages of the Protocol, enabling the free movement of goods from the EU to Northern Ireland when not transiting through Great Britain. Consequently, our clients enjoy unhindered access to Northern Ireland, regardless of post-Brexit regulatory changes. This acquisition further underscores our commitment to maintaining seamless logistics operations in a dynamic geopolitical environment.



Irish International Freight Association (IIFA)

Irish Exporters Association (IEA)